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Blossoms - shockwave (1972)

THX to Speedy .

An obscure girl group soul album from the early 70s, recorded in LA with arrangements by such folks as Gene Page and The Paris Brothers -- and with a sound that's similar to Love Unlimited, or other West Coast combos like that. Page's work is probably the best on the album, and his titles include "Touchdown", "Last Call For Love", and "Cherish What Is Dear To You".

THE G.T.'s - you gave it away - 1977

This Is A Very Rare Lp From The Group G.T.'s On Jeds Records

Thanks to BIGTOE , Pass is the same .

Maxine Nightingale - 1986 - cry for love / ALBUM


Maxine Nightingale - Love Hit Me *** 1977

A1 Will You Be My Lover

A2 You Are Everything

A3 Love Hit Me

A4 You

A5 Get It Up For Love

B1 Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)

B2 Love Or Let Me Be Lonely

B3 I Wonder Who's Waiting Up For You Tonight

B4 How Much Love

B5 Right Now

MAXINE NIGHTINGALE ** lead me on - 1979

Benito - Show Me Some Love (1995)

Pass is - blackmusic-paradise

1. (00:00:54) Benito - Benito
2. (00:04:11) Benito - Show Me Some Love
3. (00:04:56) Benito - Do You Care
4. (00:05:24) Benito - Silently Saying Bye-Bye
5. (00:04:21) Benito - I Can't Lie
6. (00:03:44) Benito - You Can Depend
7. (00:00:54) Benito - Interlude
8. (00:04:28) Benito - Next 2 U
9. (00:04:24) Benito - I'm Available
10. (00:06:44) Benito - Mother
11. (00:02:44) Benito - All Because Of You

SHALAMAR - Wake Up- 1990

1 . Caution: This Love Is Hot
2 . Wake Up

3 . Why Lead Me On
4 . Groove Talk
5 . All I Wanna Do
6 . Come Together
7 . For Sure
8 . I'll Give U Love
9 . I Want You
10 . Pink Box
11 . Caution: This Love Is Hot! [Night Club Mix]

New Edition - Lost In Love (The Best Of Slow Jams) (1998)

Pass is - blackmusic-paradise

1. (00:04:14) New Edition - Lost In Love
2. (00:03:39) New Edition - With You All The Way
3. (00:04:05) New Edition - Earth Angel
4. (00:04:10) New Edition - Boys To Men
5. (00:05:00) New Edition - Can You Stand The Rain
6. (00:04:14) New Edition - Old Friends
7. (00:05:44) Ralph Tresvant - Do What I Gotta Do
8. (00:06:17) Bobby Brown - Girlfriend
9. (00:06:01) Bobby Brown - Roni
10. (00:04:51) Bobby Brown - Rock Wit'cha
11. (00:04:51) Bell Biv DeVoe - Something In Your Eyes
12. (00:05:07) Bell Biv DeVoe - When Will I See You Again

Portrait - Portrait (1992)

01. Commitment
02. Honey Dip
03. Here We Go Again!
04. You
05. Interlude: Passion
06. On And On
07. Precious Moments
08. Down Wit Dat
09. Interlude: Snap Along!
12.Day By Day
14.Yours Forever
15.Interlude: Why?
16.Here We Go Again! (Extended Remix)

After 7 - After 7 (1989)

01. Don't Cha' Think
02. Heat of the Moment
03. Can't Stop
04. My Only Woman
05. Loves Been So Nice
06. One Night
07. Ready or Not
08. Sayonara

AL B. Sure - In Effect Mode (1988)

01. Night and Day
02. Ooh this Love is so...
03. Killing Me softly
04. Naturally mine
05. Rescue Me
06. Off on your own (Girl)
07. If I'm not your Lover
08. Just a Taste of Lovin'
09. Noche Y Dia (span. Version of Night and Day)
10. If I'm not your Lover (Rmx) [feat.Slick Rick]

BARBARA ACKLIN - Greatest Hits

1. Love makes a woman
2. Just ain´t no love
3. You´ve been in love too long
4. By ny side
5. Make the man love you
6. It´s a groovy idea
7. Stop look and listen
8. Portrait of a broken heart
9. I did it
10. Am I the same girl
11. After you
12. Lady Lady Lady
13. I call it trouble
14. Yes I see the love
15. To Sir with love
16. Someone else´s arm
17. From the teacher to the preacher
18. Show me the way to go

I Believe In Miracles -- 1973/1976 - The Jackson Sisters Collection

The great mid 70s work of The Jackson Sisters -- the Compton-bred sister act with only one official album to their name -- but a rich legacy thanks to their wholly unique blend of rollicking soul and amazing harmony vocals! I Believe In Miracles -- The Jackson Sisters Collection includes all of the tracks from the 1976 self-titled album -- one of the most sought after rare soul LPs of the era -- plus it's bookended by the furiously funky single "I Believe In Miracles"! The original version kicks the set off, and the titanic extended version closes it out. The Jackson Sisters were essentially a soul vocal group, but with a style that tended to skew hard and gritty. Occasionally, that grit dipped into full on, furious funk -- as on the above mentioned "I Believe In Miracles", and the equally amazing "Miracles". (Similar titles, similar vibe, different songs.) Most of the other tracks have an easier soul sound, with bright harmonies, but the arrangements are still quite raw and hard! Other tracks include "When Your Love Is Gone", "Maybe", "Why Do Fools Fall In Love", "Rockin' On My Porch", "Shake Her Loose", "(Why Can't We Be) More Than Just Friends", "Rock Steady", and "Boy You're Dynamite".

Annette Snell: The Collection (1970-1977)

Annette Snell, a Miami native, was a member of The Fabulettes, a girl group that recorded for Fred Foster's Monument and Sound Stage 7 labels in 1965 and '66.

Ann Peebles: If This Is Heaven *** 1977

By 1977, straight-ahead Southern soul had stopped selling in big numbers and disco had taken over the R&B market, and like many of her peers, soul diva Ann Peebles tried to make the best of matters by turning up the groove quotient on her album of that year, If This Is Heaven. Peebles, one of the best and most underrated soul songbirds of the '70s, had already demonstrated she could work wonders with a dance-friendly track on her previous set, 1975's Tellin' It, and this album's first two cuts, 'A Good Day for Lovin'' and 'If This Is Heaven', find her and producer Willie Mitchell leaning toward dancefloor ready soul numbers while still leaving a taste of their classic-style Memphis groove in the mix. The levitating arrangements of the Memphis Strings and the counter-punching horn section leave enough space for Peeble's wrenching, tortured vocals to do their magic in southern soul-styled tunes like 'I'm So Thankful', a solid soul shot about a contented wife and mother which she wrote herself, reflecting her then-current status as a new mom. In the slow bluesy side of things, 'You're Gonna Make Me Cry' finds Peebles singing her usual tale of love with the passion, force, and clarity that made her a legend. Other titles include 'When I'm in Your Arms', 'Games' and 'Boy I Gotta Have You'. This reissue also features a bonus track, the non-album single B-side, 'Fill This World with Love.'

Millie Jackson: Soul for the Dancefloor (1969-1982)

Millie Jackson spares no blushes – she tells it like it is. After she came to international prominence with her first Spring release, 'A Child of God', Millie created an impressive repertoire of Grade-A, no bull, soul music in her own straight-talking and earthy style. She is renowned and revered for her ballads and concept albums revolving around sex wars and infidelity, so this release is a bold move. The set re-visits the best dance tracks from her impressive 16 album Spring catalogue and cut straight to the chase with the aptly titled Soul For The Dancefloor.

Betty Wright - I Love The Way You Love (1972)

Sarah Vaughan - A Time In My Life (1971)

Sylvia* - Sylvia * 1976

Yellow Sunshine - Yellow Sunshine _1973

Wally Badarou - Back To Scales To-Night ** 1980

Mezzoforte- Discography (1979-2008)


Ira Watson - Shining Star ** 1982



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Jody Watley - The Makeover *** 2009

Jody Watley - The Makeover

Miss Watley 2009 release, the ninth solo album from the Soul/R&B diva. The Makeover puts a pop-tronic spin and proverbial twist on the concept of "the cover record." The result is a groove-laden odyssey of fresh sounds that find the Grammy Award winning artist doing "makeovers" of contemporary classics such as Bob Marley's 'Waiting in Vain', Diana Ross' 'Love Hangover', Chic's 'I Want Your Love' and Madonna's 'Borderline'. Watley chooses to forego a conventional Pop approach, opting to embrace a bold musical statement that includes collaborations with some of today's most sought-after DJ/producers of Electronica, Nu-Soul and Deep House including King Britt, 4Hero, DJ Spinna, Ron Trent and Chris Brann.

01. Ms. Jody Watley Intro 00:04
02. A Beautiful Life 04:41
03. I Want Your Love 04:22
04. A Little Respect 03:59
05. Don't You Want Me (King Britt's Scuba Mix) 07:09
06. Looking For A New Love 03:48
07. Love Hangover 10:04
08. Midnight Lounge (MdCL Remix) 04:58
09. Waiting In Vain 05:51
10. Borderline 04:57
11. Bed Of Roses (Feat. 4hero) 04:07
12. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow 03:54

Gizelle Smith & The Mighty Mocambos - This Is Gizelle Smith & The Mighty Mocambos (2009)

A fantastically funky full length set from Gizelle Smith -- a hell of a great singer who's really been winning our ears with her funky 45s -- now stepping out with an even more badass sound in the space of this album! Gizelle's groove is right up there with the hippest female singers in the deep funk underground -- and the backings by The Mighty Mocambos are forged in years of funky 45 experience -- razor sharp, with an especially great edge on the drums -- which seem to drive all the other instruments in the combo! There's no hoke at all in the production, either -- no fake-retro styles, just a clean, clear, classic approach to funky soul that makes the set an instantly timeless gem -- one of those records you could have picked up 30 years back, and will definitely be playing again 30 years from now. Titles include "Snake Charmer", "Coffee High", "Everything Holds Blame", "Gonna Get You", "Out Of Fashion", "Love Alarm", "Hold Fast", "The Time Is Right For Love", "Magic Time Machine", and "Nothing For Nothing" -- plus an instrumental of "Free Vibes".


01. Working Woman (3:04)
02. The Time Is Right For Love (2:48)
03. Hold Fast (3:28)
04. Coffee High (2:58)
05. Everthing Holds Blame (3:12)
06. Free Vibes (Instrumental) (2:12)
07. Gonna Get You (3:42)
08. Love Alarm (3:50)
09. Snake Charmer (3:04)
10. Magic Time Machine (2:44)
11. Out Of Fashion (3:47)
12. Nothing For Nothing (3:02)

Rhythm - Rhythm 1976

Pass is - LUCY


01 - Rhythm - Are You Ready For This
02 - Rhythm - Within Your Lifetime
03 - Rhythm - Find Yourself Somebody To Love
04 - Rhythm - Slow Funk (Part 1)
05 - Rhythm - The World Is A Place
06 - Rhythm - Loving You (Is The Only Thing I Ever Want To Do)
07 - Rhythm - Carry Me Down
08 - Rhythm - Make Some People Happy
09 - Rhythm - Slow Funk (Part 2)

Shotgun – IV (1980)

A1 - Come On With It (5:24)
A2 - I Want You (4:54)
A3 - You Deserve The Best (4:05)
A4 - Go Head (5:04)
B1 - Come On And Dance (3:52)
B2 - Standing In Need Of Love (5:03)
B3 - You Just Wanna Dance (4:57)
B4 - Happy Feelin' (5:25)


Pass is - LUCY

Some of the greatest funky work you could ever hope to find by Johnny Otis! The package brings together tracks recorded by Johnny in his fantastic post-R&B years -- the late 60s and 1970s, when he was scrappling around a variety of small labels, but also getting the chance to use that freedom to cut some incredibly great work! The spirit of the CD retains all the great feel of Johnny's funky live show -- as it runs through a variety of different artists, from hip instrumentalists to sock-soul divas to Johnny himself, who's still sounding pretty darn funky at the time! There's some killer material here that makes the package an instant "must-have" for fans of heavy heavy funk -- and titles include "Watts Breakaway" by Johnny Otis, "Country Girl" by The Johnny Otis Show, "But I Ain't No More (GSTSKDTS)" by Vera Hamilton, "Spells & Incantations" by Debbie Lyndsey, "Cool Ade" by Preston Love, "Funky Disco Boogie" by Demar & Carla, "I Don't Understand It" by Ice Water Slim & The Fourth Floor, "If You'd Be Mine" by Shuggie Otis, "Comin At Ya Baby" by Johnny Otis, "Jaws" by Johnny Otis, "Hey Boy! I Want You" by Barbara Morrison with the Johnny Otis Show, "You Got To Do It Right" by Willie Jitterbug Webb, and the killer "The Humpty Dump" by The Vibrettes! Also features the previously unreleased "Miss Pretty" by Shuggie Otis!

Richard Popcorn Wylie - Extrasensory Perception ** 1974

Pass is -myfavouritesound

Majestic music from the mighty Popcorn Wylie -- the Detroit soul legend best known for his work in the 60s, but an artist who really shines on this rare 70s set for ABC! The album was done during the same stretch as Lamont Dozier's ABC work -- and like those records, this set features killer arrangements and production from McKinley Jackson -- who updates an older Detroit groove strongly, while still keeping all the real soul elements of Popcorn's music intact! Dozier helped a bit on some of the tunes, and the whole thing's got a soaring, joyous feel that's really wonderful -- uptempo without being uptight, positive without sounding hokey, and perfectly in a unique space that's all its own. Gene Page and Paul Riser throw in a bit of soul on some tracks too -- sweetening things up with just the right touches of strings and horns -- and Popcorn's vocals are great, especially on some of the more hauntingly-constructed tunes. Titles include the massive "ESP", which begins with an echoey breakbeat, then rolls into a great hook -- plus "Trust In Me", "How Did I Lose You", "Georgia's After Hours", "Lost Time", "I Can Take The World On With You", "Both Ends Against The Middle", and "Singing About You And Me".

Rufus Thomas - Did You Heard Me? 1972

Pass is - LUCY

A1 (Do The) Push And Pull, Parts 1 & 2

Composed By - Rufus Thomas
A2 The World Is Round

Composed By - Rufus Thomas
A3 (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons

Composed By - Deek Watson , William Best
A4 The Breakdown Part 1

Composed By - Bonny "Mack" Rice* , Eddie Floyd , Rufus Thomas
B5 The Breakdown Part 2

Composed By - Bonny "Mack" Rice* , Eddie Floyd , Rufus Thomas
B6 Love Trap

Composed By - Randy Stewart
B7 Do The Funky Penguin, Parts 1 & 2

Composed By - Bonny "Mack" Rice* , Jo Bridges , Rufus Thomas , Tom Nixon
B8 Ditch Digging

Composed By - Bonny "Mack" Rice*

Mystic Moods, The* - Clear Light 1973

Pass is - LUCY

A1 Conference Of The Birds (3:12)
A2 Halo 'Round The Moon (2:18)
A3 Veda (4:45)
A4 Flame In The Well (2:35)
A5Song Of Peace And Love (3:55)
A6 Tell The Captain (3:05)
B1 Drifting Prophet (People Got To Change) (4:15)
B2 He Believes In Me (3:47)
B3 Kung Fu (2:59)
B4 Ride The Sky (2:45)
B5 Astral Trip (2:44)

DERRICK CULLER * 1986 * different shades of culler

SUPA RARE LP 'Derrick Culler' For Independent SURE SOUND Label Out Of NEWARK ***
Monster private modern soul jam!!!!!!!!!!
killer powerfull male voices with monster synths !!


A1 - My Telephone's Off The Hook
A2 - I'M Gonna Make You Happy
A3 - You Rescued Me
A4 - I'M Not Gonna Stop
B1 - You' Re Creeping On Me
B2 - I Wanna Be With You
B3 - I Love You
B4 - You Say You Don't Love Me Still

Terry Callier - Speak Your Peace

pass is LUCY



The best work we've heard in years
from Terry Callier -- the legendary soul singer from Chicago who's finally getting his due! This album avoids many of the mistakes of Terry's recent comeback efforts -- and has him working with the best of the London scene -- extremely fitting, as London's always given Terry some of his biggest support, and were crucial in bringing him back from obscurity! Most of the tunes on the set are produced by Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick, of Incognito -- and they go for a spacious sound that's a strong extension of Terry's classic work for Cadet -- rough vocals and acoustic guitar mixed with warmer keyboards, tight rhythms, and touches of strings. The album also features guest appearances by Paul Weller, Marc Mac of 4 Hero, and a number of other important London forces -- and tracks include "Brother To Brother", "Imagine A Nation", "Monuments Of Mars", "Darker Than A Shadow", "Running Around", and "Speak Your Piece".

Peter Herbolzheimer's Rhythm Combination & Brass - Wide Open * 1973

A1 Frog Dance (5:15)
A2 That Ol' Bus Smell (5:56)
Trombone - Erik Van Lier
A3 Babo (4:14)
A4 Nica's Dream (5:25)
B1 Like A Soft Breeze (5:32)
B2 Blue Dervish (5:57)
B3 Cats (4:42)
B4 Hi-Jack (6:09)

The Real Funk (Funk Rarities) Vol.1

Pass is - LUCY

01-leon ware - inside my love
02-larry wu - let me show you
03-sunrize -come and get my lovin
04-larry nevilles - this time is real
05-klymaxx - the man in my life
06-rainbow brown - it aint no big thing
07-booby finch - get a hold of yourself
08-carol shinnete - cyanide love
09-clarity - the way you make me feel
10-anthony franklin - hot number
11-cool runners - play the game
12-howard johnson - keepin love news
13-symba - hold on
14-the antilles - ive got to love
15-gangs back - our music


1 People Say (5:14)
2 Love Is For Me (3:51)
3 Just Kissed My Baby (4:40)
4 What'cha Say (3:25)
5 Jungle Man (3:23)
6 Hey Pocky A-way (4:02)
7 It Ain't No Use (11:45)
8 Loving You Is On My Mind (3:15)
9 Africa (3:55)
10 Hey Pocky A-way (Single Version) (3:27)
11 People Say (Single Version) (3:08)

The Moments - 1975 - Look At Me

A1. Look At Me (I’m In Love) 3.08
A2. Got to Get to Know You 3.35
A3. I Feel So Good Again 4.40
A4. I’ve Got the Need 3.47
A5. Come Away with Me 4.40
A6. Girls (French) 3.05
B1. Girls 3.05
B2. When the Morning Comes 3.25
B3. Just Having Your Love 2.47
B4. Look At Me (French) 3.08
B4. Beautiful Woman 3.18
B5. Dolly My Love 3.08