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Latimore - Slow Down *** 1989

Track Listings

  1. Slow Down (But Don't Stop)
  2. That's the Way That I Do It
  3. Get up, Start Dancing
  4. Breakdown
  5. Careful Man
  6. All You'll Ever Need
  7. One Man, One Woman, One Love
  8. Too Many Lovers
  9. Paradise
  10. Blues Territory
  11. You Still Make Me Feel Good



1LISTENEdna Mae 4:32
2LISTENGhetto Girl 5:15
3LISTEN'Nanna Puddin' 4:38
4LISTENI See Love 5:25
5LISTENIn the Mist of Making Love 4:39
6LISTENMy Give a Damn Gave Out (A Long Time Ago) 4:05
7LISTENHoneymoon 5:04
8LISTENLove Hit Me 5:59
9LISTENWake Up America 6:11
10LISTENMiami 5:05


merci a Paco13
Her popular 1977 album Saffo Music, recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Leon Ware, featured The Pointer Sisters on backing vocals, guitar by Ray Parker Jr., bass by Chuck Rainey and was mixed by Bill Conti.

Skipworth & Turner ** LP 1985

    Track Listing:
Skipworth & Turner - Thinking About Your Love 8:03
Skipworth & Turner - Nepenthe (instru) 5:34
Skipworth & Turner - Let Me Down Easy 5:28
Skipworth & Turner - Hot Pursuit 6:55
Skipworth & Turner - Street Parade 5:12
Skipworth & Turner - This Is The Night 4:29
Skipworth & Turner - Could Not Get Over You 5:38

Terry and Etta Gray - burnin 1986

a post from cicek .

Skipworth And Turner* - Harlem Nights - 1989

1. I Miss It 6:22
2. Someday You'll Come Back To Me 6:03
3. Ooh Baby Baby 5:56
4. Make It Last 4:01
5. Harlem 4:26
6. I Shoulda Been Good 4:24
7. Cash 4:08
8. Cold Blooded 4:44
9. How Much Is Too Much 4:54

Gordon Henderson _ u-convention * 1980

Rare caribbean FUNK !

SIDE 1 : Island boogie / Samba creole / Perpesctive / Paranoia / Foxy pat
SIDE 2 : The highest bidder / Blame it on life / Hard world / Frenzy

Michele White - Sweet Innocent * 1978


Sweet Innocent
As Long As You Come Home
Good Time Lover
My Baby's Loving
Good Together
Hold Me
Give Me Back The Love
It's You, My Baby
Don't Go

Benny Latimore - 1982 - Singing in the key of love

TRACKS: Ain't Nothing You Can Do/Baby, Come & Lay Down/Bad Risk/Brother, Doctor, Sister/Do That To Me One More Time/Here I Am Again/Let The Doorknob Hit'cha/Let's Get High On Eachother/Singing In The Key Of Love

Jonzun Crew, The - Lost In Space ** 1983

We Are The Jonzun Crew
Space Is The Place
Electro Boogie Encounter
Ground Control
Space Cowboy
Pack Jam




  1. All You'll Ever Need Lyrics
  2. Blues Territory Lyrics
  3. Breakdown Lyrics
  4. Careful Man Lyrics
  5. Get Up, Start Dancing Lyrics
  6. One Man, One Woman, One Love Lyrics
  7. Paradise Lyrics
  8. Slow Down (But Don't Stop) Lyrics
  9. That's The Way That I Do It Lyrics
  10. Too Many Lovers Lyrics

STEPHANIE MILLS - Love has lifted me

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password is - pulse

Al Diamond - Call me up - 1987

Boogie From Nigeria .
juste un clic , only one clic , it's for sharing .


Ne cherchez plus ,
servez Vous , c'est la Bentley attitude .
merci a bilou .

1. Miracle Man
2. He'll Be There
3. You Oughta Been There
4. You Are My Happiness
5. Home of the Lord
6. Help Me to Be Strong
7. This World Is Not My Home
8. Any Good Time at All
9. Jesus Is the Rock
10. Son of God
11. Build Me a Cabin in Glory


c'est la Bentley attitude .

Infatuation 1984 Searching
Album aux sonorités t se rapprochant du Private EyeDatant de 1984 sur le Label Electric DJ Records, le groupe est composé de 3 membres : Charles Baptist, Lennard Bellamy et Joe Wallace.
Cet Album dégage une atmosphère particulière, qui le rend si caractéristique. on aime ou on déteste. Perso j'aime bien, cela passe bien, avec des titre comme be my lady, gonna give you my love, Searching,etc..
Album assez complet donc, qui ne contient que 2 slows

Infatuation 1984 Searching

1.''I Need Your Love''(5:42)
2.''I'd Like To Get To Know You''(3:46)
3.''Be My Lady ?''(4:26)
4.''Blame It On Yourself''(4:58)
6.''Love Time''(3:53)
7.''Gonna Give You My Love''(3:02)
8.''Since I Met You''(3:37)

Tyrone Davis - Flashing Back ** 1986

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1.It's A Miracle
2.It Keeps On Flashin Back
Try It Baby
Wrong Doers
5.Do You Feel It?
I'm Still In Love With You
Be Honest With Me
8.All The Love I Need

Suzy Q - Don't You Stop That Feeling ** 1982

et encore un LP en Free Connection . merci a la bil_ou attitude .


Don't You Stop That Feeling (5:33)
Makes You Blind (5:30)

Written-By - Alain Caron
Take Your Time (5:46)
Love Is In The Air (5:05)
Come Let's Have A Party (7:08)
Shake It Up, Shake Your Body / Get Into The Funky Music Now (12:31)
After All This Time (3:50)

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David Simmons - Hear Me Out 1978


1)Hard And Heavy
2)I'll Be What You Want
3)It's A Shame
4)Once In A While
6)Taxi - Greyhound Station
7)Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
8)Will They Miss Me
9)Yesterday's Song


01 - After I Cry Tonight

02 - Drowning In The Sea Of Love

03 - I Just Got To Have You

04 - Share Your Love With Me

05 - Come On Out, 'Let's Party'

06 - Please Don't Go

07 - Fallin' In Love Again

08 - If I Could Build My Whole World Around You

Linx - Intuition ** 1981

Together We Can Shine
Wonder What You're Doing Now
You're Lying
I Won't Forget
Throw Away The Key
Count On Me
Rise And Shine
There's Love
Don't Get In My Way


Soaring grooves with a warm and jazzy finish , a great bit of lost early 80s soul from the California indie scene! Hi Five have a solid sound that reminds us of some of the best Capitol groups from the time, a careful balance between upbeat soul and more sophisticated elements, all wrapped up with a sound that's tight and professional, but never too slick or commercial. The vocals are especially great, often with harmonies that glide and groove in a wonderful way and the record's got some really wonderful mellow tracks that make it well worth having! Tracks include the sublime stepper "Let's Go All The Way", plus "My Friend", "We Came To Play", "The Other Side Of Us", and "All I Need".

LINDA LEWIS - 1973 - Fathoms deep

A wonderful album from Linda Lewis -- certainly one of her best from the early days, and a completely captivating mixture of soul, jazz, and rock that sparkles like Minnie Riperton's best work from the time! The album's got a sweet LA sound -- with Linda's great vocals up front in the mix, and lots of nice touches on acoustic guitar, almost foreshadowing the later work Sheree Brown with some nicely jazzy undercurrents! Lewis' sound here is great -- very unique, warm and sweet, with a quality that really makes her stand out from other artists of her generation. Tracks include "Lullabye", "Fathoms Deep", "I'm In Love Again", "Play Around", "Wise Eyes", "On The Stage", and "Goodbye Joanna".

Eleanore Mills- 1974 - This Is Eleanore Mills

Enjoy it .

Melvin Ukachi - Evolution ** 1982


A1 Evolution
A2 Wait For Love
A3 Perfect Timing
A4 Down The Highway
B1 Mr. T
B2 I Need You
B3 This Is The Living
B4 Bring Her Back

George Benson - Tenderly (1989)

Bentleyfunk attitude .

1 You Don't Know What Love Is
2 Stella by Starlight
3 Stardust
4 At the Mambo Inn
5 Here, There and Everywhere
6 This Is All I Ask
7 Tenderly
8 I Could Write a Book

Johnnie Taylor - Reflections *** 1977

This obscure Johnnie Taylor album fell between two other 1977 releases: Rated Extraordinaire and Disco 9000. The latter two came out on CBS, this one RCA. Don Davis handled the productions, and the songs are by some of Detroit's best songsmiths, including Barrett Strong. CBS issued at least three albums by Taylor after this bump-in-the-road effort by RCA. Reflections features Taylor's R&B hit "Stop Half Lovin' These Women" and is gutsier and more even than his CBS albums, but not as rootsy as his Sar, Stax, or Malaco recordings. With material like "Wanting What You Can't Have (Having What You Don't Want)," "I Worry About You," and a soul remake of "Never My Love," he becomes the blues wailer again.

By Chance - Gotta Get That Lovin - 1999

1. Gotta Get That Lovin'
2. Don't Get It Twisted
3. Baby It's On
4. Stay
5. Breakin' U Off
6. If I Had One More Chance
7. It Can Get Better Than A Kiss
8. Baby It's On/Remix
9. Gotta Let You KNow
10. Closer
11. Make You Mine
12. Tell Me
13. Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide
14. Baby It's On/Remix/Instrumental

Tyrone Davis - Simply ** 1996

Track listing
1. Ain't That Good Enough
2. My Key
3. Freak
4. I Wish It Was Me
5. Where Are You Lady
6. Please
7. Linger a Little Longer
8. Never Ever Let You Go
9. In the Mood For Love
10. Can I Squeeze You

James "JT" Taylor - A Brand New Me * 2000

01. - A Brand New Me
02. - Mr Young (Skit)
03. - Church Girl
04. - Don´t Wanna Think About I
05. - Sweet Chocolate Baby
06. - All I Want
07. - Marry Me
08. - Do You Know
09. - Sex On The Beach (Hip-Hop)
10. - Rubber Neckin'
11. - Crazy Boy
12. - How
13. - All Said And Done
14. - Brand New
15. - Sex On The Beach
16. - New Millenium
17. - How (Instrumental)

Kino Watson - Breakfast In Bed * 1998

Track listing
1. I Miss U (Intro)
2. Breakfast in Bed
3. Never Meant 2 Make U Cry
4. I'm Ready
5. Pride
6. U Need Some Lovin'
7. Just a Little Romance
8. Let Me Know Something-Interlude
9. Creepin'
10. Friday Night
11. U Gotta Leave Here-Outro

Angela Bofill - Intuition ** 1988


1) Love Is In Your Eyes

2) Intution

3) I Just Wanna Stop

4) Long Gone

5) For You And I (duet With Peabo Bryson)

7) In Your Lovers Eyes

8) Love Overtime

9) Down The Line

10) Special Lover

11) Everlasting Love