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Love Machine - 1975 - Love Machine

A1 Poor Side Of Town 3.00
A2 It Only Happens (When I Look At You) 2.58
A3 Brickyard Blues 3.02
A4 You’re The Song 3.01
A5 Laughter In The Rain 4.54
A6 In The Mood 2.10
B1 That’s My Style 3.43
B2 Shoot Your Best Shot 3.16
B3 City In The Sky 3.24
B4 You Wanna Make It To The Top Of The Mountain 2.32
B5 I’ve Got The Music In Me 5.11

les McCann *** tall dark & handsome *** 1979

Pass is * BIGNOBBI










dimanche 30 août 2009

Heaven and Earth - 1976 - I Can’t Seem To forget you

A1. Let Me Back In
A2. Now That I’ve Got You, I’ll Be Flying High
A3. Happy
A4. The Window Lady
B1. I Can’t Seem To Forget You
B2. If It was Me
B3. Nature’s Miracle
B4. The Message
B5. I’ll always love You

Fred Parris & The 5 Satins - I'll Remember U - 1982


First Class *** coming back to you *** 1978


Rick Sheppard *** i fall deeper in love ** 1984


1984 Wells, Terri - Just Like Dreamin'

1) I'm Giving All My Love

2) Just Like Dreaming

3) Falling Leaves

4) Can't Stop

5) I Already Know

6) I'll Be Around

7) Who's That Stranger

8) You Make It Heaven

samedi 29 août 2009

The Stairsteps - 1976 - 2nd Resurrection

A1 From Us to You 3:39
A2 Pasado 3:09
A3 Theme of Angels 3:19
A4 Lifting 2nd Resurrection 3:45
A5 Time 3:48
B1 Throwin’ Stones Atcha 3:04
B2 Far East 1:06
B3 In the Beginning 2:53
B4 Tell Me Why 4:31
B5 Salaam 4:34

Tami Lynn - 1972 - Love Is Here And Now yo're gone ** 1972

A1. (a) Monologue: Introduction To A Love Affair
(b) Wings Upon Your Horn
A2. (a) Monologue: Hoping
(b) Love Is Here & Now You’re Gone
A3. (a) Monologue: Final Attempt
(b) Can’t Last Much Longer
A4. (a) Monologue: The Next Time!
(b) That’s Understanding
Total 20:50

Side 2
B1. I’m Gonna Run Away From You 2:49
B2. Ain’t No Soul (Left In These Old Shoes) 2:18
B3. A World You Left Behind You 4:44
B4. Never No More 2:49
B5. Mo Jo Hanna 3: 23
B6. One Night Of Sin 2:53

Masterfleet - 1973 - High On The Sea

A1. First Voyage
A2. Skull Stone
A3. Let Love Stand
A4. Man & Child
A5. Well Phase I
B1. Malfunction
B2. Academy Awards
B3. When You’re A New Born Child
B4. Until Tomorrow
B5. Well Phase II

Bobby Patterson - 1972 - It’s Just A Matter Of time *** 1972

A1. If You Took a Survey 2.40
A2. I Get My Groove from You 3.25
A3. Make Sure You Can Handle It 2.45
A4. Everything Good to You (Don’t Have to Be Good for You) 2.56
A5. How Do You Spell Love 2.25
A6. Recipe for Peace 3.20
B1. Quiet! Do Not Disturb 2.00
B2. She Don’t Have to See You (To See Through You) 3.25
B3. Right on Jody 3.05
B4. I Just Love You Because I Wanted To 2.25
B5. One Ounce of Prevention 3.00
B6. This While Funky World Is a Ghetto 3.45

The Softones - 1973 - The Softones

A1. The First Time 3.30
A2. Everybody Knew But Me 3.00
A3. Can’t Help Falling In Love 2.52
A4. Extra Ordinary People 2.54
A5. I’m Gonna Prove It 3.15
B1. Why Why Baby 5.18
B2. And I Remember Your Face 3.04
B3. Never Let A Woman Like That Go By 4.07
B4. My Dream 3.15

Faith Hope & Charity - 1972 - Heavy Love

A1 We Can Change The World (3:03)
A2 Heavy Love (3:46)
A3 I Was There (4:40) *
A4 Come Back And Finish What You Started (2:40)
B1 I Worship The Very Ground You Walk On (3:50)
B2 Who Could Love You More Than I (2:10) *
B3 No Trespassing (2:14)
B4 God Bless The World (2:40)
B5 Who Made You Go (3:10) *

les McCann *** tall dark & handsome *** 1979

Pass is * BIG NOBBI

Crown Heights Affair - Foxy Lady **** 1975


Dreaming A Dream (Disco) (3:45)
Foxy Lady (3:30)
Every Beat Of My Heart (5:25)

Arranged By [Strings] - Meco Monardo
Na, Na, Hey, Hey (4:02)
Dreaming A Dream (Vocal) (3:30)
I Am Me (4:39)
Feeling Tall (4:38)

Arranged By [Strings] - Meco Monardo
You Smiled (4:02)
Picture Show (4:20)

ISIS *** Isis *-*-* 1974


Crown Heights Affair - Crown Heights Affair *-*-* 1974


A1 Super Rod (3:31)
A2 Sex Trip (3:07)
A3 Strangers When We Meet (4:02)
A4 Special Kind Of Women (4:12)
A5 Leave The Kids Alone (3:13)
B1 Streaking (2:56)
B2 The Love I Found This Time (3:09)
Arranged By, Conductor - Stanley Johnson*
B3 It's Me Who Loves You (3:20)
Arranged By, Conductor - Darryl Gibbs
B4 Sitting On Top Of The World (2:56)
B5 You Can't Bend My Super Rod (3

The Glass House *** Thanks I Needed That ** 1972


01. V.I.P.
02. A House Is Not A Home
03. I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore
04. Horse And Rider
05. The Man I'll Never Have
06. Thanks I Needed That
07. Giving Up The Ring
08. Dont Let It Rain On Me
09. Stealing Moments From Another Woman's Life
10. Let It Flow
11. Don't Go Looking For Something (You Don't Want To See)

Les McCann *** Talk To The People *** 1972

This here is my favourite Les McCann record and it is some funky, soulful shit. The title track is especially uplifting but the whole thing is just good, positive music. I hope that you can get as much good out of it as I have.

Leon Haywood *** double my pleasure (1978)


Double My Pleasure (5:00)
You Bring Out The Freak In Me (7:22)
Fine And Healthy Things (4:41)
She's Built She's Stacked (3:16)
Self Respect (3:38)
Super Sexy (3:18)
Life Goes On (3:03)
It's Gonna Be Alright (3:00)

Leon Haywood *** keep it the family *-*-* 1974

A1 Keep It In The Family
A2 Sugar Lump
A3 That Sweet Woman Of Mine
A4 The Day I Laid Eyes On You
A5 When It Comes Down On You In The Middle Of The Night
B1 A Hundred Pounds Of Clay
B2 Long As There's You (I Got Love)
B3 B.M.F. Beautiful
B4 You'll Never Walk Alone

Leon Haywood *** back to stay *-*-* 1973


General Crook - General Crook *-*-* 1975


A1 Tell Me What'Cha Gonna Do (3:38)
Written-By - General Crook
A2 Reality (2:44)
Written-By - General Crook
A3 Fever In The Funkhouse (3:00)
Written-By - General Crook
A4 The Best Years Of My Life (6:13)
Written-By - General Crook
B1 Lying Cheatin' Woman (3:16)
Written-By - General Crook
B2 I'm Satisfied (3:58)
Written-By - General Crook
B3 Thanks But No Thanks (3:06)
Written-By - General Crook , Gerald Dickerson
B4 If This World Were Mine (7:08)
Written-By - Marvin Gaye

The Rance Allen Group (1970)

01 - Up Above My Head
02 - Just My Salvation
03 - What Is This
04 - Greatness Of Good
05 - Love Power
06 - Put Your Hand In The Hand
07 - Make My Life Shine
08 - Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

Ronnie McNeir *-*-* LP ** 1972

Extra, Extra
Daddy's Coming Home
The Tears In My Heart
Gone Away
Trouble's A Loser
Young Girl
You Better Make Sure
I'm So Thankful
In Summertime
Keep Your Hands Off My Lady
Girl You're Gonna Lose Your Groove

Latimore - 1974 - More, More and More

enjoy it

The Persuaders - 1974 - Best Thing Ever Ever Happened To Me

Enjoy it on Bentleyfunk

The Four Tops - 1972 - Keepers Of The Castle

A1 Keeper Of The Castle (3:00)
A2 Ain’t No Woman (Like The One I’ve Got) (3:04)
A3 Put A Little Love Away (3:03)
A4 Turn On The Light Of Your Love (3:36)
A5 When Tonight Meets Tomorrow (3:41)
A6 Love Music (3:35)
B1 Remember What I Told You To Forget (3:50)
B2 (I Think I Must Be) Dreaming (2:55)
B3 The Good Lord Knows (4:04)
B4 Jubilee With Soul (3:20)
B5 Love Makes You Human (4:42)
B6 Keeper Of The Castle (Reprise) (1:25)

John Edwards - 1976 - Life Love and Living

A1 I (Who Have Nothing) (3:29)
A2 Honey, I Don’t Mind (3:11)
A3 Forced To Fight (This Losing Battle) (3:07)
A4 The Key To My Life (4:02)
A5 Thats, That (3:24)
A6 Sister Rose (3:00)
B1 You, Trouble And Me (6:19)
B2 (You’ve Got) My Mind Working Overtime (4:44)
B3 Baby, Hold On To Me (4:53)
B4 Nobody, But You (4:07)

Ann Sexton - 1977 - The Beginning

A1. I Had A Fight With Love 3.46
A2. I’m His Wife (You’re Just A Friend) 2.55
A3. Who’s Gonna Love You 3.01
A4. You Can’t Lose With the Stuff I Use 4.38
B1. Color My world Blue 2.45
B2. Be Serious 3.56
B3. I Want To Be Loved 3.08
B4. Sugar Daddy 3.59
B5. You’ve Been Doing Me Wrong For So Long 2.55

Marie Queenie Lyons - 1970 - Soul Fever

A1 See and Don’t See 3.20
A2 Daddy’s House 3.14
A3 You Used Me 3.38
A4 Your Thing Ain’t No Good Without My Thing 2.27
A5 Snake in the Grass 2.42
A6 Your Key Don’t Fit It Anymore 2.38

B1 Fever 5.25
B2 I Don’t Want Anybody to Have It But You 3.02
B3 We’ll Cry Together 3.15
B4 I’ll Drown in My Tears 3.50
B5 I Want My Freedom 4.35
B6 Try Me 2.38

Lou Courtney - 1974 - I’m In Need Of Love

A1 The Common Broken Heart (5:40)
A2 Since I First Laid Eyes On You (3:44)
A3 What Do You Want Me To Do (2:50)
A4 The Best Thing A Man Ever Do For His Woman (5:08)
A5 I Will, If You Will (4:50)
B1 Somebody New Is Lovin’ On You (5:29)
B2 I’m Serious About Lovin’ You (4:55)
B3 I Don’t Need Nobody ELse (3:34)
B4 Just To Let Him Break Your Heart (4:23)
B5 I’m In Need Of Love (4:14)

Jimmy Lewis - 1974 - Totally Involved

A1 It Ain’t What’s on the Woman 5:11
A2 There Ain’t No Man That Can’t Be Caught 3:15
A3 Is That Any Way to Treat a Lady 4:03
A4 How Long Is a Heartache Supposed to Last 4:45
B1 Thank You 4:03
B2 Go on Live Your Life 3:39
B3 That Won’t Stop Me From Loving You 4:30
B4 Help Me Understand You 4:02

Betty Wright - 1973 - Hard To Stop

A1 I Am Woman (4:20)
A2 Sweet Wonder (2:26)
A3 The Experts (3:02)
A4 We The Two Of Us (3:00)
A5 Let Me Go Down (2:57)
B1 Gimme Back My Man (3:28)
B2 Who’ll Be The Fool (3:17)
B3 The Babysitter (3:02)
B4 If You Think You’ve Got Soul (2:15)
B5 It’s Hard To Stop (Doing Something When It’s Good To You) (3:14)

The Dutch Rhythm Steel & Show Band - 1975 - Soul & Steel Show

A1 Down By The River 5.09 (Vocals - Armand Colla)
A2 Theme From Shaft 2.41
A3 Snowfire 3.47 (Vocals - Gustaaf Milzink)
A4 Stoned Out Of My Mind 2.39
A5 Softly 2.57
A6 Hey Joe 3.19
B1 Feelin’ Alright 7.31
B2 Serenta 2.03
B3 Funky Stuff 3.22 (Vocals - Armand Colla , Bernito E. Riley)
B4 Where Is The Love 2.39 (Vocals - Gustaaf Milzink

Barbara Pennington - 1978 - Midnight Ride

A1 Midnight Ride 4:47
A2 All Time Loser 6:33
A3 Trusted Friend 6:35
B1 Spend a Little Time With Me 6:15
B2 Can’t Help Being Guilty 5:30
B3 24 Hours a Day 3:22
B4 It’s so Hard Getting Over 4:05
B5 You Are the Music Within Me 3:31

Lamont Dozier - Love And Beauty (1975)

01 - Why Can't We Be Lovers
02 - Don't Stop Playing Our Song
03 - If You Don't Want To Be In My Life
04 - Picture Will Never Change
05 - Don't Leave Me
06 - Don't Leave Me (Instrumental)
07 - New Bleed Kinda Woman
08 - Enough Of Your Life
09 - Slipping Away

Lamont Dozier - Out Here On My Own *** 1973


A1 Breaking Out All Over (5:02)
A2 Don't Want Nobody To Come Between Us (4:20)
A3 Let Me Make Love To You (5:53)
A4 Fish Ain't Bitin (4:21)
B1 Interlude (1:29)
B2 Trying To Hold On To My Woman (6:37)
B3 Take Off Your Make Up (5:07)
B4 Out Here On My Own (4:53)

St. James - One World *-*-* 1987

enjoy it on Bentleyfunk & thx to OdiMusic .
Pass is -
A1. Street People.mp3
A2. Masquerader.mp3
A3. Captain Of My Soul.mp3
A4. Americhild.mp3
B1. In My Dreams.mp3
B2. The Offering.mp3
B3. Instrumental.mp3
B4. One Day Under God.mp3

David T. Walker - Plum Happy (LP) - 1971

Pass is * fuckbarry

1 Doo Doo
2 Oh Happy Day
3 Come Together
4 Lay Lady Lay
5 Plum Happy
6 Blues for my Father
7 Listen to the Sun
8 Love Vibrations

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The COOL NOTES *** the complete demo's album ** CD

_enjoy it on bentleyfunk _______________
1. Hold On 3:59
2. Boy You Turn Me On 3:58
3. Don't Need Nobody 3:09
4. DJ-DJ Love Me Down 3:29
5. Fantasy 2:12
6. Star Of The Show 4:05
7. Music In My Head 3:38
8. Gentleman 3:50
9. I Want You 4:57
10. Seductive 4:10
11. Getaway 3:34
12. I've Become Of Age 3:57
13. Coming Back 3:44
14. Touch Me 4:06
15. Right Back 4:27
16. I Want The Lot 4:01
17. My First Time 3:48
18. Too Late 3:27
19. Shining Star 4:46