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Al Green - Biography

Al Green: Biography

Born Apr 13, 1946 in Forrest City, AR


Al Green was the first great soul singer of the '70s and arguably the last great Southern soul singer. With his seductive singles for Hi Records in the early '70s, Green bridged the gap between deep soul and smooth Philadelphia soul. He incorporated elements of gospel, interjecting his performances with wild moans and wails, but his records were stylish, boasting immaculate productions that rolled along with a tight beat, sexy backing vocals, and lush strings. The distinctive Hi Records sound that the vocalist and producer Willie Mitchell developed made Al Green the most popular and influential soul singer of the early '70s, influencing not only his contemporaries, but also veterans like Marvin Gaye. Green was at the peak of his popularity when he suddenly decided to join the ministry in the mid-'70s. At first, he continued to record secular material, but by the '80s, he was concentrating solely on gospel. During the late '80s and '90s, he occasionally returned to R&B, but he remained primarily a religious performer for the rest of his career. Nevertheless, Green's classic early- '70s recordings retained their power and influence throughout the decades, setting the standard for smooth soul.

Green was born in Forest City, Arkansas, where he formed a gospel quartet, the Green Brothers, at the age of nine. The group toured throughout the South in the mid- '50s, before the family relocated to Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Green Brothers continued to perform in Grand Rapids, but Al's father kicked the boy out of the group after he caught his son listening to Jackie Wilson. At the age of 16, Al formed an R&B group, Al Green & the Creations, with several of his high-school friends. Two Creation members, Curtis Rogers and Palmer James, founded their own independent record company, Hot Line Music Journal, and had the group record for the label. By that time, the Creations had been re-named the Soul Mates. The group's first single, "Back Up Train," became a surprise hit, climbing to number five on the R&B charts early in 1968. The Soul Mates attempted to record another hit, but all of their subsequent singles failed to find an audience.

In 1969, Al Green met bandleader and Hi Records vice president Willie Mitchell while on tour in Midland, Texas. Impressed with Green's voice, he signed the singer to Hi Records, and began collaborating with Al on his debut album. Released in early 1970, Green's debut album Green Is Blues showcased the signature sound he and Mitchell devised -- a sinewy, sexy groove highlighted by horn punctuations and string beds that let Green showcase his remarkable falsetto. While the album didn't spawn any hit singles, it was well-received and set the stage for the breakthrough success of his second album. Al Green Gets Next to You (1970) launched his first hit single, "Tired of Being Alone," which began a streak of four straight gold singles. Let's Stay Together (1972) was his first genuine hit album, climbing to number eight on the pop charts; its title track became his first number one single. I'm Still in Love With You, which followed only a few months later, was an even greater success, peaking at number four and launching the hits "Look What You Done for Me" and "I'm Still in Love With You."

By the release of 1973's Call Me, Green was known as both a hitmaker and an artist who released consistently engaging, frequently excellent, critically-acclaimed albums. His hits continued uninterrupted through the next two years, with "Call Me," "Here I Am," and "Sha-La-La (Make Me Happy)" all becoming Top Ten gold singles. At the height of his popularity, Green's former girlfriend, Mrs. Mary Woodson, broke into his Memphis home in October 1974 and poured boiling grits on the singer as he was bathing, inflicting second-degree burns on his back, stomach and arm; after assaulting Green, she killed herself with his gun. Green interpreted the violent incident as a sign from God that he should enter the ministry. By 1976, he had bought a church in Memphis and had become an ordained pastor of the Full Gospel Tabernacle. Though he had begun to seriously pursue religion, he had not given up singing R&B and he released three other Mitchell-produced albums -- Al Green Is Love (1975), Full of Fire (1976), Have a Good Time (1976) -- after the incident. However, his albums began to sound formulaic, and his sales started to slip by the end of 1976, with disco cutting heavily into his audience.

In order to break free from his slump, Green stopped working with Willie Mitchell in 1977 and built his own studio, American Music, where he intended to produce his own records. The first album he made at American Music was The Belle Album, an intimate record that was critically acclaimed but failed to win a crossover audience. Truth and Time (1978) failed to even generate a major R&B hit. During a concert in Cincinnati in 1979, Green fell off the stage and nearly injured himself seriously. Interpreting the accident as a sign from God, Green retired from performing secular music and devoted himself to preaching. Throughout the '80s, he released a series of gospel albums on Myrrh Records. In 1982, Green appeared in the gospel musical Your Arms Too Short to Box With God with Patti Labelle. In 1985, he reunited with Willie Mitchell for He Is the Light, his first album for A&M Records.

Green tentatively returned to R&B in 1988 when he sang "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" with Annie Lennox for the Bill Murray comedy Scrooged. Four years later, he recorded his first full-fledged soul album since 1978 with the U.K.-only Don't Look Back. In 1995, he released Your Heart's in Good Hands, an urban contemporary record that represented his first secular album to be released in America since Truth and Time. Though the album received positive reviews, it failed to become a hit.

Al Green was inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1995.

Al Green - Al Green Is Love *** 1975


A1 L-O-V-E (Love) (3:03)
A2 Rhymes (3:33)
A3 The Love Sermon (6:36)
A4 There Is Love (3:03)
A5 Could I Be The One (4:05)
B1 Love Ritual (4:18)
B2 I Didn't Know (7:47)
B3 Oh Me, Oh My (Dreams In My Arms) (2:45)
B4 I Gotta Be More (Take Me Higher) (2:45)
B5 I Wish You Were Here (3:17)

Al Green - Call Me *** 1973


A1 Call Me (Come Back Home)
A2 Have You Been Making Out O.K.
A3 Stand Up
A4 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
A5 Your Love Is Like The Morning Sun
B1 Here I Am (Come And Take Me)
B2 Funny How Time Slips Away
B3 You Ought To Be With Me
B4 Jesus Is Waiting

Al Green - Explores Your Mind *** 1974


A1 Sha-La-La (Make Me Happy) (2:56)
A2 Take Me To The River (3:43)
Vocals - M. Hodges*
A3 God Blessed Our Love (3:54)
Vocals - E. Randle* , W. Mitchell*
A4 The City (3:24)
Vocals - C. Hodges*
A5 One Nite Stand (2:24)
B1 I'm Hooked On You (3:19)
Vocals - W. Mitchell*
B2 Stay With Me Forever (3:12)
Vocals - A. Sanders*
B3 Hangin' On (4:18)
Vocals - M. Allen*
B4 School Days (3:09)

Al Green - Gets Next To You **** 1971


A1 I Can't Get Next To You
A2 Are You Lonely For Me
A3 God Is Standing By
A4 Tired Of Being Alone
A5 I'm A Ram
A6 My Girl
A7 Get Back
B1 Driving Wheel
B2 Light My Fire
B3 You Say It
B4 Right Now Right Now
B5 All Because
B6 The Letter
B7 One Woman

Al Green - Let's Stay Together *** 1972


Let's Stay Together (3:15)
La-La For You (3:29)
So You're Leaving (2:53)
What Is This Feeling (3:40)
Old Time Lovin (3:17)
I've Never Found A Girl (3:37)
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (6:21)
Judy (3:44)
It Ain't No Fun To Me (3:27)

Al Green - Livin' For You *** 1973


A1 Livin' For You
A2 Home Again
A3 Free At Last
A4 Let's Get Married
A5 So Good To Be Here
B1 My Sweet Sixteen
B2 Unchained Melody
B3 My God Is Real (Yes, God Is Real)
B4 Beware

Al Green - I'm Still In Love With You **** 1973


A1 I'm Still In Love With You (3:12)
Written By - A. Green; A. Jackson; W. Mitchell
A2 I'm Glad You're Mine (2:54)
Written-By - A. Green*
A3 Love And Happiness (5:00)
Written By - A. Green; M. Hodges
A4 What A Wonderful Thing Love Is (3:37)
Written-By - A. Green*
A5 Simply Beautiful (4:08)
Written-By - A. Green*
B1 Oh, Pretty Woman (3:22)
Written By - R. Orbison; B. Dees
B2 For The Good Times (6:27)
Written-By - K. Kristofferson*
B3 Look What You Done For Me (3:04)
Written By - A. Green; A. Jackson; W. Mitchell
B4 One Of These Good Old Days (3:15)
Written-By - A. Green*

Al Green - Truth N' Time **** 1978

Al Green's last secular album for Hi Records -- but still a nice little cooker that's overflowing with Memphis soul! As with Green's previous set for Hi, the album's produced by Al himself, and not Willie Mitchell -- in a style that's a bit rougher, chunkier, and almost funkier than the sound that Mitchell had been giving Al as the 70s moved on. Tunes have a nice snapping feel overall, and a lot heavier soul vibe than you might expect for the time -- making the record a nice lost sleeper in Green's classic Hi Records catalog! Titles include "King Of All", "I Say A Little Prayer", "Happy Days", "Blow Me Down", "Lo & Behold", "Wait Here", "Truth N Time", and "To Sir With Love"

Al Green - The Lord Will Make A Way *** 1980

Al Green - The Belle Album **** 1977


A1 Belle (4:45)
A2 Loving You (3:33)
A3 Feels Like Summer (3:43)
A4 Georgia Boy (6:59)
B1 I Feel Good (5:17)
B2 All N All (3:37)
B3 Chariots Of Fire (3:53)
B4 Dream (7:28)

Al Green - Precious Lord **** 1982

1. It Don't Take Much

2. I Close My Eyes and Smile

3. Ocean Blue (I'll Rise Again)

4. Straighten Out Your Life

5. Jesus Is Coming (Back Again)

6. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

7. Look at the Things That God Made

8. I Just Can't Make It by Myself

9. I Know It Was the Blood

Al Green - I'll Rise Again *** 1983

1) It Don't Take Much

2) Jesus Is Coming (back Again)

3) Leaning On The Everlasting Arms

4) I Close My Eyes And Smile

5) Ocean Blue (i'll Rise Again)

6) Look At The Things That God Made

7) I Just Can't Make It By Myself

8) I Know It Was The Blood

9) Straighten Out Your Life

Al Green - Have A Good Time **** 1976


A1 Keep Me Cryin'
Written-By - A. Green* , W. Mitchell*
A2 Smile A Little Bit More
Written-By - A. Green* , W. Mitchell*
A3 I Tried To Tell Myself
Written-By - A. Green* , W. Mitchell*
A4 Something
Written-By - A. Green* , W. Mitchell*
A5 The Truth Marches On
Written-By - A. Green* , W. Mitchell*
B1 Have A Good Time
Written-By - A. Green*
B2 Nothing Takes The Place Of You
Written-By - P. Robinson* , T. McCall*
B3 Happy
Written-By - A. Green* , W. Mitchell*
B4 Hold On Forever
Written-By - A. Green*

Al Green - Going Away **** 1985

1) Going Away

2) True Love

3) He Is The Light

4) I Feel Like Going On

5) Be With Me Jesus

6) You Brought The Sunshine

7) Power

8) Building Up

9) Nearer My God To Thee

Al Green - Full Of Fire *** 1976


A1 Glory, Glory (2:45)
Written-By - A. Green* , W. Mitchell*
A2 That's The Way It Is (3:37)
Written-By - A. Green*
A3 Always (3:17)
Written-By - A. Green* , C. Hodges*
A4 There's No Way (3:28)
Written-By - E. Randle* , W. Mitchell*
A5 I'd Fly Away (4:08)
Written-By - A. Green*
B1 Full Of Fire (5:12)
Written-By - A. Green* , M. Hodges* , W. Mitchell*
B2 Together Again (5:15)
Written-By - B. Owens*
B3 Soon As I Get Home (3:25)
Backing Vocals - Duncan Sisters
Written-By - A. Green* , M. Allen*
B4 Let It Shine (3:12)
Written-By - A. Green* , M. Hodges*

Al Green - Higher Plane **** 1981


A1 Higher Plane
A2 People Get Ready
A3 By My Side
A4 The Spirit Might Come - On And On
B1 Where Love Rules
B2 Amazing Grace
B3 His Name Is Jesus
B4 Battle Hymn Of The Republic

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Orlando Johnson - turn the music on - 1983

1 Can't Break Loose (5:42)
2 Having A Party (4:59)
3 Fantasize (4:48)
4 Chocolate City (4:30)
5 Someboby Save Me (4:44)
6 On The Loosing Side (4:26)
7 Turn The Music On (3:20)
8 Chocolate City (Extended Version) (4:20)
9 Turn The Music On (Jellybean Remix) (7:23)Remix - john jellybean benitez
10 Megamix-Medley (11:43)

Maurice Massiah - seventh heaven - 1982

50 / 50
we can go to your house
seventh heaven
i want a woman like my daddy had
won't you gimme some of your lovin
how long
when i'm living inside your world
just one night
we're dancin to the beat

L.T.D. - Love Magic *** 1981


A1 Kickin' Back
A2 Burnin' Hot
A3 Cuttin It Up
B1 Stay On the One
B2 Love Magic
B3 April Love
B4 It Must End
B5 Now

ANRI **** heaven beach *** 1982

Norman Connors *** Mr C **** 1981


A1 She's Gone (4:54)
A2 Party Town (5:00)
A3 Keep Doin' It (5:22)
A4 Stay With Me (3:20)
B1 Anyway You Want (3:25)
B2 Sing A Love Song (3:16)
B3 Love's In Your Corner (4:34)
B4 Mr. C (4:23)

Eugene Record *** the eugene record *** 1977


A1 Laying Beside You
A2 Danger! Love Under Pressure
A3 Here Comes The Sun
A4 Overdose Of Joy
A5 Trying To Watch The Wind
B1 Mothers Of Love
B2 Love Don't Live By Sex Alone
B3 Putting It Down
B4 When We Pull The Shades

Total Contrast *** beat to beat *** 1987

01 - Jody (4:17)
02 - Painting by Numbers (4:43)
03 - Found Somebody (5:28)
04 - Help Me (3:32)
05 - Just a Little Bit (4:48)
06 - Kiss (7:21)
07 - Hidden in a Heartbeat (5:44)
08 - Same Old Story (4:35)
09 - Teach Me to Forget (5:19)
10 - Kiss (Wipe Te Juice Dubwise) (9:21)
11 - Jody (Dance Hall Version) (6:22)

Wild Cherry *** electrified funk *** 1977


A1 Baby Don't You Know (4:24)
A2 Are You Boogieing Around On Your Daddy (2:56)
A3 Dancin' Music Band (3:11)
A4 Put Yourself In My Shoes (4:20)
A5 Closest Thing To My Mind (4:17)
B1 Electrified Funk (3:40)
B2 Hole In The Wall (3:55)
B3 Hot To Trot (3:15)
B4 Hold On (With Strings) (4:04)
B5 It's All Up To You (3:18)

Fatback *** so delicious *** 1985


A1 Girls On My Mind (6:57)
A2 Go Out With A Bang (4:52)
A3 Lover Undercover (4:42)
A4 Sequence 96 (5:20)
B1 Let's Play Tonight (3:36)
B2 She's A Go-Getter (3:24)
B3 So Delicious (5:46)
B4 Start It Up (3:47)
B5 Evil (5:15)

LAMONT DOZIER *** LP ** 1981

Lamont (1981)
M&M Records (R&L Records)
1. You Oughta Be In Pictures
2. Ain't Never Had It So Good
3. I Ain't Playing
4. I See You
5. The Pressure Is On
6. Shout About It
7. Locked Into You
8. Ain T No Way
9. Help Is On The Way

Bernard Edwards *** glad to be here *** 1983


A1 Your Love Is Good To Me (6:25)
A2 Don't Do Me Wrong (4:36)
Vocals - Jocelyn Brown
A3 You Don't Know Me (2:31)
A4 Joy Of Life (3:41)
B1 You've Really Got A Hold On Me (4:56)
Vocals - Jocelyn Brown
B2 Hard Loving Man (4:11)
B3 Glad To Be Here (5:34)

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Belle Epoque - Miss Broadway **** 1977


A1 Miss Broadway (7:28)
A2 Me And You (5:30)
A3 Losing You (4:15)
B1 Disco Sound (14:05)
B2 Black Is Black
B3 Why Don't You Lay Down
B4 Balck Is Black

Belle Epoque - Now *** 1979


A1 Jump Down (5:45)
A2 Gimmie Time (3:40)
A3 Lose My Man (5:45)
A4 Now (5:35)
B1 My Life (4:23)
B2 Loving You (6:00)
B3 Stranger Once Again (5:05)
B4 Com'on Tonight (3:50)

Belle Epoque - Bamalama **** 1977


Side A:
1- Bamalama 11.39
2- Mister Do Right 4.04

Side B:
1- Drink Me 4.59
2- Sorry 6.11
3- Let Men Be 4.41

Phillip & Lloyd - you've got to keep on moving *** 1978

Album trés rare sur une sous-division de TK ( également KING SPORTY sur ce label ). de trés bons morceaux disco funk comme Do what you want to do to it, Thinking of you & keep on moving.

Pass is *** ghosty

1- Behold
2- Do what you want to do it
3- I don't know
4- I gave you love
5- Juke box lil
6- Keep on moving
7- Soon you'll be gone
8- Thinking of you

the thompsons - i'll get over it **** 1975

Pass is **** ghosty

01 - message
02 - seems like i've known you
03 - i'll always love you
04 - invincible
05 - i'll get over it
06 - love in her eyes
07 - we love to sing
08 - gotta get down to ever get up

The Pazant Bros & Beaufort Express, The - Loose And Juicy (1975)

Pass is *** ghosty


A1 A Gritty Nitty (2:51)
A2 Back To Beaufort (4:04)
A3 Loose And Juicy (5:14)
A4 Clabber Biscuits (5:28)
A5 Toe Jam (3:36)
B1 Work Song (2:49)
B2 Spooky (5:03)
B3 Skunk Juice (3:48)
B4 You've Got To Do Your Best (5:30)
B5 New Orleans (2:58)

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David Porter - Sweat & Love **** 1973


A1 Didn't Know Love Was So Good (5:09)
A2 Somebody Owns A Piece Of My Rock (4:10)
A3 (Seems Like) The One You Can't Have All By Yourself (6:10)
A4 All The Way (4:34)
B1 Funny Money (4:20)
B2 I Can Live With My Conscience (3:50)
B3 This Song Has No Title (5:10)
B4 Long As You're The One Somebody In The World (2:40)
B5 Falling Out, Falling In (5:00)

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The Imperials - 1978 - Who’s Gonna Love Me

A1 Who’s Gonna Love Me (5:09)
A2 You Better Take Time To Love (5:27)
A3 Where You Gonna Find Somebody Like Me (4:00)
A4 I Really Think We Can Make It Together (3:35)
B1 Dance With Me (5:47)
B2 Do What I Gotta Do (4:14)
B3 Can You Imagine (3:04)
B4 No One Makes Love Like You Do (5:00)

Pockets - 1977 - Come Go With Us

A1 Come Go With Me (4:22)
A2 Pasado (5:42)
A3 One Day At A Time (5:44)
A4 Doin’ The Do (2:58)
B1 In The Pocket (3:51)
B2 Nothing Is Stronger (4:00)
B3 Elusive Lady (6:58)
B4 Wizzard Wuzzit (2:35)


A1. Break Dance Party (6:34);
A2. Street Dance (6:28);
A3. Are You Ready (5:47);
B1. Break Your Body Down (5:36);
B2. Let Your Body Move (5:04);
B3. Let's Break The Ice (5:05);
B4. Break Dance Party (Part 2) (4:20).

Pass IS ***

Blue Magic - Message From The Magic (1978)

A1. Can't Get You Off My Mind;
A2. If You Want Me To;
A3. Lady In My World Of Love;
A4. Four Leaf Clover;
B1. Purple Passion;
B2. Still In Love With You;
B3. Message;
B4. Sweet Woman;
B5. I Waited.

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MTUME 2ND LP ALKEBU-LAN 1972 (released 1974)


A1: Invocation (4:08)
A2: Baba Hengates (17:28)

B1: Utamu (9:58)
B2: Saud (10:32)

C1: Alkebu Lan (16:29)
C2: No Words (8:32)

D1: Separate Not Equal (7:26)
D2: The Prayer (Sifa Zote)...Outro (15:56)

Mtume * 1974 (released 77) Rebirth Cycle

Third Street Records, TSJ 100. Recorded at Minot Sound, February 1974; Released 1977. Produced by James Mtume. All tracks written and arranged by James Mtume.

Track list
1. Sais
2. Yebo
3. Cabral
4. Body Sounds
5. Umoja