samedi 28 février 2009

Dr. Strut - Struttin' *** 1980

1. Struttin'
2. Acufunkture
3. Blue Lodge
4. CMS
5. Flip City
6. Commuter Rabbit (For Folon)
7. After
8. Nitwit
9. Nice 'n' Sleazy
10. No! You Came Here For An Argument

Casiopea - Make Up City - 1980

1. Gypsy Wind
2. Eyes Of Mind
3. Reflections Of You
4. Ripple Dance
5. Life Game
6. Make Up City
7. Pastel Sea
8. Twinkle Wing

Willis Jackson - Plays With Feeling - 1976

1. Racubah
2. Feelings
3. Singing Brass
4. The Young Man With A Horn
5. Do Your Super Thing
6. Bouquet
7. Do It, To It
8. Something Good

Deodato - Very Together *** 1976

1. Peter Gunn
2. Spanish Boogie
3. Amani
4. Black Widow
5. Juanita
6. I Shot The Sheriff
7. Theme From "Star Trek"
8. Univac Loves You

Shigeharu Mukai - Orissa *** 1982

1. Orissa
2. Lonely Rider
3. Transportation
4. News
5. Sugarcane Dread
6. Personal Call
7. Fantastic Slim
8. Pineapple Rain
9. Orissa (Reprise)

Eric Gale - Touch Of Silk *** 1980

1. You Got My Life In Your Hands
2. Touch Of Silk
3. War Paint
4. Once In A Smile
5. With You I'm Born Again
6. Au Privave
7. Live To Love

Jimmy McGriff - Tailgunner *** 1977

1. Tailgunner
2. Bull Frog
3. Sky Hawk
4. Flexible Flyer
5. Grandma's Toe Jam
6. Starlite Ballroom, Hot Licks Stomp Band

Rare Silk - New Weave *** 1986

1. New York Afternoon
2. Red Clay
3. You Know It's Wrong
4. Lush Life
5. Joy!
6. (I Can Recall) Spain
7. Sugar
8. Happying
9. D.C. Farewell

Peter Herbolzheimer - Hip Walk - 1976

1. Hip Walk
2. Butterfly
3. Superstition
4. Wheeler's Choice
5. Stoned Cockattoo
6. Jive Samba
7. Spirit
8. Nerve Wrecker
9. Neosho

Phil Upchurch - Revelation *** 1983

1. Soft Shoulder
2. Freedom Jazz Dance
3. When And If I Fall In Love
4. Revelation
5. Light Of Love
6. You Can't Sit Down
7. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face

mercredi 25 février 2009

Locksmith - Unlock The Funk *** 1980


Unlock The Funk (4:26)
Black Jack (4:40)
Groove Town (4:27)
It's You (5:25)
Cinnamon (4:43)
TMI (4:19)
Don't Hurt Yourself (3:56)
Someone Like You (4:14)
Far Beyond (4:14)

Norma Jenkins ** 1976 ** Patience Is A Virtue

pass is -NateWilliams
Sealed 1976 Original. Includes The Classic Crossover "Can You Imagine" Plus The Midtempo Funk "I Fooled You."

Sydney Joe Qualls - So Sexy *** 1979

So Sexy
Let the Woman Know
I'll Run to Your Side
I Don't Do This
Good Ol' Funky Music
Bad Risk
Where Have You Been
I Could Be So Good for You

Billy Paul - 1975 - Got My Head On Straight

- Side A -

July, July, July, July

Billy's Back Home

I've Got So Much To Live For

My Head's On Straight

- Side B -


When It's Your Time To Go

Be Truthful To Me

Everything Must Change

Black Wonders Of The World
Pass is - LindaHopkins

Diahann Carroll *** (1974)

Family Circle - Lp ** 1973

mardi 24 février 2009

Crown Heights Affair - 1975 - Dreaming A Dream

Thanks a lot Jorge .

Seminal 70s work from Crown Heights Affair -- recorded when the group still had a lot of fire, and were working in that key transitional sound from soul to disco! The album's got a really full and grooving feel -- and includes both disco and vocal versions of their hit "Dreaming A Dream" -- plus the tracks "I Am Me", "You Smiled", "Foxy", and a version of "Na, Na, Hey, Hey".

Anacostia *** 1977

a gift from isaac .

Mellow soul and soaring club -- all nicely balanced together in this first album from the group Anacostia! There's a sound here that's slightly different than some of the other east coast groups of the time -- a willingness to slow things down, then groove them up -- all with a sound that's polished, but never in a too-commercial sort of way. In fact, most of these tunes seem to aim for a space that's pretty far both from radio, and conventional disco -- despite the fact that Van McCoy supervised the production, which is mostly handled by Charles Kipps. There's a fair bit of strings in the backings, and keyboards are by Richard Tee -- on titles that include "Looking Over My Shoulder", "Heartache In Disguise", "We Can't Live Life Alone", "I Can't Stop Loving Her", "Baby I'm Available", and "Face The Fact".


Forget the "funk" in this album -- because the best bits are the mellow ones! Crème D'Cocoa are one of those groups pushing slick bass-heavy funk when they should stick to the mellower cuts -- which they do nicely on this album, in a smooth male/female harmony style that has a bit of a quiet storm feel to it. The funkier cuts are really just uptempo club numbers, not really that strong, but pleasant enough in kind of a shouting catchy chorus sort of way. Titles include "Baby, Don't You Know", "Leading Lady", "Mr Me, Mrs You", "Sweet Dream Lady", "I Don't Wanna Be Lonely", and "Do What You Feel". CD features lots of bonus cuts too -- "Toe Jam (disco mix)", "I Will Survive (long version)", "Party Land", "Baby Don't You Know (disco mix)", and "Do What You Feel (alt mix)".
THX to Bollie56.

Raydio ** it's time to party now ** extended remix

Remixed Extended version from the Killer it's time to party now 6.30 "

Raydio: Two Places At The Same Time ** 1980

01 - It's Time to Party Now (4:54)
02 - Until Morning Comes (4:20)
03 - 2 Places at the Same Time (3:51)
04 - Tonight's the Night (4:38)
05 - A Little Bit of You (4:19)
06 - Everbody Makes Mistakes (4:56)
07 - Can't Keep From Crying (3:37)
08 - For Those Who Like to Groove (4:29)
Pass is - willforall

lundi 23 février 2009

SOLARIS *** LP 1980

Thx to Discoheaven & Bollie56 .

Le "You and Me" est une pure tuerie!! .
You and Me is a really killer track !! .


1. Let Him In
2. Dancin' To Keep From Cryin'
3. Walk Softly
4. The Perfect Day
5. This One's For You
6. Delta Road
7. Lover To Lover
8. Glory, Glory
9. By Your Side
10. Music On My Mind

Bloodstone - Don't Stop *** 1978

A great later album from Bloodstone -- recorded after their initial classics for London, but in a sweet and mellow soul mode that's totally outta site! Part of the strength of the set is the mighty Al Johnson -- who provides arrangements here that push the group firmly into a more modern take on harmony soul, and which have a gentle groove that makes for plenty of sweet steppers and mellow midtempo groovers. The vocals are every bit as great as on the earlier albums -- just given a brighter setting in which to shine. Titles include "Just Wanna Get The Feel Of It", "She Wants To Hear The Words", "It's Been A Long Time", "Throw A Little Loving My Way", "It's All Been Said Before", and "Don't Stop".

Chocolate Milk - We're All In This Together *** 1977


A1 Grand Theft (5:30)
A2 Thinking Of You (4:01)
A3 We're All In This Together (4:31)
A4 Help Me Find The Road (5:37)
A5 Fertility (0:30)
B1 America (4:20)
B2 That's The Way She Loves (4:34)
B3 Over The Rainbow (3:08)
B4 Girl Callin' (5:29)
B5 Fertility (0:36)

SUNFIRE *** 1982 *** SUNFIRE


A1 Shake Your Body (5:21)
A2 Step In The Light (5:24)
A3 Feet (6:08)
A4 Givin' My Heart Away (4:30)
B1 Keep Rockin' My Love (4:26)
B2 Millionare (5:07)
B3 Sexy Lady (5:23)
B4 Young, Free And Single (4:36)

dimanche 22 février 2009

Hubbards Cubbard - 1985 - Nip It In The Bud

Another slice of British jazz-funk by bassist Joe Hubbard, the LP was released in 1985 on Coda Records, the other players are Neal Wilkinson on drums, Damon Butcher on keyboards, Mitch Dalton on guitar, Guy Barker on trumpet and Chris White on saxophone, plus Richard Niles on vocals and Mitch Dalton rapping. Production by Richard Niles.

1. Reflexion
2. Can't Find The Time
3. Shrinkrap
4. Nip It In The Bud
5. Auspicious Romance
6. Drivin' The Porcelain Bus

LOU RAWLS - Now it's time for love - 12 inch

This is the extended version from the 1982 lp produced by Mtume !!!

Lou Rawls - Close Company *** 1984


All Time Lover (4:36)

Written-By - David Porter , Donald O'Conner
In The Middle Of The Night (4:18)

Written-By - Cynthia Biggs , Dexter Wansel
Close Company (4:46)

Written-By - David Porter , Donald O'Conner
Pretty Eyes (4:22)

Written-By - Cynthia Biggs , Dexter Wansel
When We Were Young (3:35)

Written-By - Cynthia Biggs , Dexter Wansel
Ready Or Not? (4:30)

Written-By - Jeffrey Pescetto*
Forever I Do (The Wedding Song) (4:45)

Written-By - Cynthia Biggs , Dexter Wansel
The Lady In My Life (4:45)

Written-By - Rod Temperton
Say It Again (3:38)

Written-By - Walter "Bunny" Sigler* , Carol Davis (3)
Sunshine (When Are You Coming My Way) (4:45)

Written-By - Jean Albert Renaud

Lou Rawls - Love All Your Blues Away *** 1986

Thx to smoocher4 .


Change Your Mind (4:41)
Are You With Me (4:11)
Love All Your Blues Away (4:04)
Stop Me From Starting This Feeling (4:38)
Learn To Love Again (4:16)
Willow Weep For Me (4:09)
We'll Be Together Again (4:21)
The Way You Look Tonight (2:24)
It Never Entered My Mind (3:33)


Extended version from the album GOOD TASTE IN LOVE 1982 *** 5.40"

Randy Crawford - Nightline *** 1983


A1 Nightline
A2 Living On The Outside
A3 Why
A4 Bottom Line
A5 In Real Life
B1 Happy Feet
B2 This 'Ole Heart Of Mine
B3 Lift Me Up
B4 Ain't No Foolin'
B5 Go On And Live It Up

Randy Crawford - Windsong ** 1982

Randy Crawford - Windsong
1) Look Who's Lonely Now

2) I Have Everything But You

3) He Reminds Me

4) Letter Full Of Tears

5) This Night Won't Last Forever

6) Fox Movie I Ought To Be In Pictures

7) Windsong

8) When I'm Gone

9) Don't Come Knockin'

10) I Don't Want To Lose Him

samedi 21 février 2009

J.P. Rodgers Jr. - Good Taste In Love *** 1982

Good taste In Love - LP 1982 With the Amazing Song I Enjoy Your Love !!


Body Groove
I Ain't Gonna Give My Love
Come On Back Home Baby
Won't You Give Me Your Love
Love Is The Key
All My Lovin
I Enjoy Your Love
I Can Feel It

Caesar Frazier ** Another Life ** 1978

Child Of The Wind (7:33)
Lady (6:00)
Ha-Ha, Ya (You Make Me Happy) (5:27)
Another Life (3:43)
Till Another Day (4:34)
I Got To Have Your Love (4:04)
Just A little Bit Longer (4:49)
Another Life (2:50)

Monk Montgomery ** Reality ** 1974

Side One
A1 Reality (5:39)
A2 Me And Mrs. Jones (3:09)
A3 Sippin' And Tippin' (4:54)
A4 Bump De Bump (3:15)

Side Two
B1 I Love You Camille (5:20)
B2 Little O's (5:56)
B3 Girl Talk (5:06)
B4 Close Your Face (4:46)

William DeVaughn - Be Thankful For What You Got ** 1974


Give The Little Man A Great Big Hand (5:35)
We Are His Children (5:14)
Blood Is Thicker Than Water (7:19)
Kiss And Make Up (2:48)
Be Thankful For What You Got (7:12)

Arranged By [Arranging Assistance] - Allan Felder
Engineer, Mixed By - Joe Tarsia
Sing A Love Song (3:26)
You Can Do It (3:38)
Something's Being Done (3:44)

The Pips ** Callin' *** 1978

A1 Baby I'm Your Fool (7:45)*

A2 Callin' (5:26)
A3 Mr Blue (3:31)
A4 Lights Of The City (3:55)

B1 Anything (5:38)
B2 I Don't Have A Heart (3:26)
B3 Don't Stop (3:19)
B4 Love You Tonight (7:56)*

Force Of Nature ** Unemployment Blues 1976

A1 Do It (Like You Ain't Got No Backbone) (3:49)
A2 Ditch Of Confusion (5:54)
A3 If You Decide (4:34)
A4 Creativity (4:26)
A5 Discomite (2:45)

B1 Unemployment Blues (4:33)
B2 Travelin' (5:16)
B3 Baby I'm Yours (And I'm So Glad) (4:40)
B4 Toy Ball (4:22)
B5 Freeze (2:35)

The Soul Train Gang *** LP 1976

A1 That Certain Way (4:55)
A2 Ooh Cha (5:09)
A3 How Much Longer (3:56)
A4 All My Life (I Wanna Live With You) (5:50)

B1 Soul Train Theme (T.V. Version) (5:06)
B2 If It Takes All Night (4:37)
B3 Country Girl (3:20)
B4 Soul Train Theme (Scat Version) (4:15)

Ernie Johnson ** 1985 ** just in time


1. Just in Time
2. You're About to Succeed
3. Party All Night
4. You're Gonna Miss Me
5. Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation
6. In My Dreams
7. Cold Woman
8. Give Me a Little Bit of Your Loving

the stylistics - once upon a juke box *** 1976

Mtume & Lucas - The best of

Mtume & Lucas - The best of

A very good album with various artists. All songs written and/or produced by Reggie Lucas and James Mtume. If you're into the sound of Lucas & Mtume; this CD should be yours!

01. One Minute from Love - Mtume, Mark Sadane
02. You Know How to Love Me - Phyllis Hyman, , Mtume
03. Two Hearts - Reggie Lucas, Stephanie Mills, Mtume, Teddy Pendergrass
04. Step in the Light - Mtume, Sunfire
05. Got to Be Love - Mtume,
06. Now Is the Time for Love - Mtume, Lou Rawls
07. Keep Going On - Gary Bartz, , Mtume
08. What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin' - Stephanie Mills, Mtume
09. Love Lock - Mtume
10. If I Had a Chance - Mtume, Rena Scott
11. Closer I Get to You - Mtume
12. Juicy Fruit - James Mtume
13. Never Too Late for Your Lovin' - Mtume, Sunfire
14. Back to You - Mtume, Lou Rawls
15. Under Your Spell - Phyllis Hyman, , Mtume