samedi 30 août 2008

Rodney Franklin_ItTakesTwo - 1986

1. Motion
2. Look What's Showing Through
3. Broken Wings
4. The Eagle And The Condor
5. It Takes Two
6. Rollin' In Our Love
7. My Wish
8. Let There Be Peace

Rodney Franklin_Skydance - 1985

1. Fiesta
2. Destiny
3. Song For You
4. Children
5. One From The Heart
6. Skydance

Rodney Franklin_Endless Flight - 1981

1. Dance Tonight
2. Cancion Para Mi Mama (Song For My Mother)
3. Vibrations
4. Benetta
5. Morning Light
6. Endless Flight
7. Mensaje De Dios (Message From God)
8. Return To The Source
9. Hill Street Blues
10. Cancion Para Mi Mama (Epilogue)


JOHN LEE & JERRY BROWN - 1976 - Still can't say enough

LIPS - 1979 - LIPS

Bill Withers_NakedWarm - 1976

Tom Scott_OneNightOneDay - 1986

Download Part 1 Part 2

Blue Mitchell_SummerSoft - 1978

Charles Earland_GreatPyramid - 1976

Lonnie Smith_FunkReaction - 1977

Teruo Nakamura_ManhattanSpecial - 1977

1. Manhattan Special
2. Rainbow
3. Mescalito
4. Firefly
5. Wiggle Worm
6. Sequoia Forest
7. Mr. Cherry And Mr. T.
8. Love Is A Reflection In The Mirrors Behind Our Eyes/Sunrise In Africa

Charles Earland_InfantEyes - 1979

1. We Are Not Alone
2. Blues For Rudy
3. The Thang
4. Infant Eyes
5. Is It Necessary?

Jimmy Ponder_Illusions - 1976

1. Funky Butt
2. Energy III
3. Jennifer
4. Do It Baby
5. Illusions
6. Sabado Sombrero

vendredi 29 août 2008

Scheer Music_HighRise - 1984

1. Something Else
2. Back Pocket
3. She Can Dance (Poetry In Motion)
4. Three Of Us
5. Falling Back In Love
6. Ain't Nobody
7. Dancionomono
8. Find One Hundred Ways

Vernon Burch - When I Get Back Home - 1979

Very nice mellow soul album by Vernon Burch, one of the most underrated arrangers of the 70's. Vernon wrote most of the material himself, and he sings in a sweet mellow style that's right up there with many of the 70s best singers. Tracks include "Mr. Sin", "Paradise", "Leaving You Is Killing Me", "Ghetto Penthouse", and "To Make You Stay". (White label promo. Cover has some staining, a tracklist sticker, and a gold promo stamp.)

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Black & Blue (1977)


A1 Caberet (1:42)
A2 The Love I Lost (6:24)
A3 It All Depends On You (4:49)
A4 Concentrate On Me (3:10)
A5 Satisfaction Guaranteed (Or Take Your Love Back) (3:28)
B1 Is There A Place For Me (6:56)
B2 I'm Weak For You (6:51)
B3 I'm Comin' Home Tomorrow (6:11)

Maxayn - Bail Out For Fun! (1974)


A1 Bail Out
A2 Life Is What You Make It
A3 Cried My Last Tear
A4 Moonfunk
B1 Fun
B2 You Don't Have To Be Lonely
B3 Trying For Days
B4 Everything Begins With You

Eleventh Hour - Hollywood Hot - 1976


A-1 Medley-Sock It To Me/ It's Your Thing (5:43)
A-2 Hollywood Hot (7:03)
A-3 Bumper To Bumper (4:36)
B -1 Get On Or Get Off (6:05)
B-2 Lady Marmalade (5:01)
B-3 You'll Never Know Until You Try (6:54)

Real Thing* - Can You Feel The Force - 1978


A1 Can You Feel The Force? (7:40)
A2 Lady, I Love You All The Time (3:12)
A3 Rainin' Through My Sunshine (4:02)
A4 Whatcha Say, Watcha Do (5:25)
A5 Give Me The Chance (3:31)
B1 (We Gotta Take It To The) Second Stage (4:26)
B2 Won't You Step Into My World? (6:15)
B3 Whenever You Want My Love (3:30)
B4 You Gotta Keep Holding On (3:12)
B5 Love Me Right (3:11)

Johnny 'Guitar' Watson - Giant (1978)

Windows MediaReal Audio1.Miss Frisco (Queen of the Disco)
Windows MediaReal Audio2.Tu Jours Amour
Windows MediaReal Audio3.Gangster of Love
Windows MediaReal Audio4.Guitar Disco
Windows MediaReal Audio5.Wrapped in Black Mink
Windows MediaReal Audio6.You Can Stay But the Noise Must Go
Windows MediaReal Audio7.Baby Face (She Said Do Do Do Do)
Windows MediaReal Audio8.Base Station One - (previously unreleased, Bonus Track)
Windows MediaReal Audio9.Do Me Bad So Good - (previously unreleased, Bonus Track)

Average White Band - Soul Searching - 1976


A1 Overture
A2 Love Your Life
A3 I'm The One
A4 A Love Of Your Own
A5 Queen Of My Soul
B1 Soul Searching
B2 Goin' Home
B3 Everybody's Darling
B4 Would You Stay
B5 Sunny Days
B6 Digging Deeper



A1 Please Say You Will (Be My Baby)
A2 Making Up My Mind About You
A3 Bottoms Up
A4 What You Waiting For
B1 Closer To You
B2 Sentimentally Yours
B3 A Brand New Day



A1 Do You Time On The Planet (6:10)
A2 Profile Of Love (4:48)
A3 Are You Being Untrue Tonight (4:48)
A4 Alive And Well (4:45)
B1 Say You Love Me (5:36)
B2 My Lovely Angel (5:35)
B3 Unexpected Lovers (6:20)
B4 I'm Falling In Love (4:28)

Lime - 1986 - take the love


A1 Take The Love (5:37)
A2 Cutie Pie (4:55)
A3 Irresistible Woman (4:25)
A4 Come On Everybody (4:25)
B1 Did You See That Girl (6:48)
B2 Gold Digger (5:07)
B3 Do You Like To Love (5:05)
B4 Dry Up (4:20)



A1 It's Gonna Be Allright
A2 My Love
A3 Don't You Wanna Do It
A4 Sensual Sensation
B1 Take It Up
B2 I Don't Wanna Lose You
B3 Extrasensory Perception
B4 The Party's Over

LIME III - 1983


A1 Guilty (7:01)
A2 Angel Eyes (7:40)
A3 On The Grid (4:00)
B1 Give Me Your Body (7:15)
B2 Together (6:53)
B3 Rendez Vous On The Dark Side Of The Moon (8:01)



A1 You're My Magician (7:32)
A2 Agent 406 (7:00)
B1 It's You (7:49)
B2 I'll Be Yours (7:19)
B3 Your Love (7:14)

jeudi 28 août 2008

the JAMMERS - 1982 - the jammers

Un superbe album de FUNK en 82
'The JAMMERS' une Référence
7 titres Magnifiques
toute la Magie du label SALSOUL !!


A1 What Have You Got To Lose (5:50)
A2 And You Know That (6:00)
A3 Funky You, Funky Me (4:48)
A4 Out To Get You (4:44)
B1 Straight Down To The Bone (6:30)
B2 I Didn't Mean To Fall In Love (6:12)
B3 Be Mine Tonight (6:05)